inspiration co-creation start-up


A typical Fronteer project starts with a tough strategic question and an in-depth exploration of the challenge. We seek relevant inspiration in parallel industries by connecting with thought-leaders, visiting frontrunners and studying best practices.

Key tools:
Parallel perspectives

An industry deep-dive to learn from best and inspirational practices

Co-creation session Rooftop, Treehouse, Experts, validation


Our approach engages the experience, perspective and intuitive input of experts from various perspectives to crack complex challenges. We have become experts in co-creation. Our in-house Expert Connector team dedicates its time to find only the best 1% to involve.

Key tools:

Create concepts for growth with hand-picked Experts


Solve fundamental strategic challenges with a group of hand-picked Experts


Validate and enrich concepts in co-creation with hand-picked consumers

Strategy, concepting, business modelling


Our team and tools have been fine-tuned in over 15 years of experience across categories and industries. Our projects typically involve strategy & concept development and validation steps. We develop clear strategies and compelling concepts for growth.

Key tools:

Turn ideas, information and inspiration into concrete concepts


Map ideas, opportunities and scenarios for an appealing positioning and identity

Business modelling

Designing the dynamics between assets, revenues, competitors and the market, using the Business Model Canvas

Impact - Design Sprint


In our view, successful innovation is more than just developing something new – it’s about generating momentum and acquiring the mandate to get it off the drawing board and into peoples’ hearts, minds and shopping baskets. Time for impact!

Key tools:
Design Sprint

Answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing with customers in 5 days