An Afternoon At The Fronteer – The Impact Edition

Looking back on a very successful Afternoon At The Fronteer!

At Fronteer we strive to innovate and create impact for brands, people and the environment. But what is actually meant by impact and how does it occur? The dictionary gives multiple definitions as ‘forceful impact; collision’ and ‘influence; effect’. However the impact we would like to create isn’t a car crash and is more than just an effect.

On the 26th of November our event An Afternoon At The Fronteer was all about impact. Together with a group of 30 people from a wide range of companies we co-created a definition of impact.

The definition of impact we choose is ‘the force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology or ideology’.

To learn more about our vision on impact, check out James Veenhoff’s LinkedIn Pulse post, here.