Geen cent parkeer app Volkswagen Pon

The smartest Parking app – only pays when you park. We co-created a next gen solution for a connected car

Location: Amsterdam

Betaal geen cent te veel met nieuwe parkeerapp

Pon is the leading Dutch mobility supplier, being amongst other things the importer of all Volkswagen Group brands. In an industry 'on the move' there is a clear need to deliver surprising new value to customers. As one of the first to come up with a connected car app, the question was raised what the next step should be.

Together with the client team and experts from a variety industries, we developed a wealth of ideas for the next version of the app. All during one Treehouse co-creation session. In a So-What session we then created a roadmap for the coming two years.

The app went live in 2017 and does what is says on the tin: It is a Volkswagen app.

Only... it has a new and unique feature. Because of a collaboration with Parkmobile - the leading provider of parking apps in The Netherlands - it is now possible to just leave your car without having to worry about the parking fees. It pays automatically and automatically stops paying when you drive away. How cool is that, and it's only fair.

At Fronteer we believe in 'Collaborate of Die'. Only if you are able to think bigger than yourself you are able to create change.