How my Millennial itch was cured within weeks at Fronteer

I was born between 1980 and 1996 which makes me a Millennial by birth. According to Gallup (2018), this automatically makes me want:

  • to be engaged in my job: to be emotionally and behaviourally connected to my work,
  • to have high levels of well-being, not only do I want to be physically fit, but I also want a purposeful life,
  • to be part of an active community with significant social ties,
  • to have financial stability, so that I can spend on what I want.


A quest to find purpose

All these wants make us “Millennials” job hop here and there on an endless quest to that satisfying purposeful life. Gen-X’rs and Baby boomers don’t get us, “Millennials”: purposeful, fit, community, social impact…aren’t these just 21th century buzzwords?!

Even though I’m not a huge fan of labelling myself anything, let alone the status “Millennial”, I have to say that I agree with that list. Yes, purpose is important, what else would drive me out of bed each morning with a smile on my face? Indeed, well being is important, I don’t want to suffer from health impediments because my job made me ill (Business Insider wrote something about that here).

Of course, I want to be engaged in what I do. 40+ hours a week spent on something that doesn’t engage me emotionally and behaviourally?! Ludicrous. And, let’s be honest, everyone wants to be part of something. Aristotle already said it: “man is by nature a social animal” (Politica, 1253a). Community and social impact are hugely important. Last but not least: financial stability. Don’t we all  (Millennials, GenX’rs, Baby Boomers etc.) have bills to pay?


The Millennial itch

What then, is this Millennial itch? It’s that nagging but constant feeling, it’s that little voice in the back of your head that asks you, from time to time: ‘is this it?’. That little voice that triggers you to think if what you’re doing makes sense, if, indeed, you are making impact, if it’s worth it, and if it is really what you want. The ‘it’ is that thing you do, ‘it’ is what you do daily, the reason your alarm clock (or iPhone) goes off in the morning: your job. Or, as we “Millennials” would say: your purpose.


My cure

How did I cure it? I became a Fronteer strategist, and within weeks I knew I could check that list. The magic Fronteer potion consists of three things: people, co-creation and Holacracy®.

  • I am engaged in my job, because me and my co-workers indeed are emotionally and behaviorally connected to our work! We co-create as a team, and use co-creation in our projects, together with clients and experts.
  • I experience well-being on the daily. I stay physically fit by partaking in a rather brutal bootcamp with two motivated male colleagues, have an organic lunch provided by our neighbourhood farmer. And, our purpose -to accelerate positive impact– drives us to be and do better everyday.
  • At Fronteer, we’re not agile and we’re not scrumming away, instead we are Holocratic. Holocracy means that we don’t have a boss. Responsibility is distributed into circles in which colleagues can voluntary partake. So we spend our time on what we wánt!

Do you want to learn how to cure your Millennial itch? Get in touch!